Philosophy of Education

Our six Core Values

We aim, through careful instruction and personal demonstration, for these six Core Values to infuse everything our staff and students think, say and do

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Our Learning Campus

Why our site and buildings reflect who we are and good learning practice.

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A reference guide to Lighthouse’s grade levels and assessment points as compared with other national systems

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What is Christian Education?

Is Christian education just for Christians? And isn’t it a bad idea to mix spiritual life and education? The answer to both of these is no … click here to understand more. (This video is provided courtesy of Christian Education National (Australia).)

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The Seven Meta-Skills

We like this representation of seven “meta-skills,” as identified by the African Leadership University. They remind us of the important skills to succeed in work and in life which are rarely assessed on a standardized exam.

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Why School Lunches Matter

Lighthouse prepares all meals and snacks for its staff and students. Here’s our thinking on why this is mission-critical.

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Changing Education Paradigms

This talk by Sir Ken Robinson contains many truths that explain some of our ‘whys’

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Education and Equity

How our fees and scholarships work

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