The core of our school, its beating heart, is the people that make up the Lighthouse community. All of these diverse groups working together make something beautiful.


We believe our students are enriched by from sitting alongside others with a wide range of backgrounds. Our student body is made up of people with differing academic aptitudes, races and ethnic groups; practicing every major world religion and no religion at all; a majority of Mauritians complemented by over 20 other nationalities; and the spectrum of the socio-economic scale.

Parents and Guardians

Our culture encourages and expects parents and guardians to participate in their child’s learning. We believe it is parents and guardians who are a child’s first authority, and a school works together with them in partnership in the best interest of the child.


Our staff members, teaching and non-teaching, are the “living curriculum.” We believe that teachers are foremost learners themselves and they transmit their passion for learning to children. Our staff members are experts at forming meaningful relationships with learners that follow them through their time at Lighthouse.


Lighthouse Primary and Secondary School belongs 100% to The Lighthouse Trust, a charitable trust registered in Mauritius. Although it is a fee-paying school, we rely on donations to supplement fees and tuition, which we attempt to keep as low as possible. Since its inception Lighthouse has aimed to provide financial need-based scholarships to a significant proportion of its students. For more information on why we do this, please refer to Education and Equity: How our Fees and Scholarships Work.

Currently, Lighthouse is eligible to receive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funds from Mauritian companies due to its alignment with various CSR objectives. If you would like to learn more about CSR or just how generally to participate in Lighthouse’s unique model, please do contact us.


A school does not happen in a vacuum – its surrounding community and national context give input and also allow its practical outworkings take shape. It is our sincere wish at Lighthouse that our students grow not just to serve themselves but to consider and implement ways to listen to and benefit people around them. Regular exposure to guest experts, expression of the arts and culture as well as real-world application of ideas enables students to engage in projects such as community clean-ups and planting of public gardens. We also believe the school is responsible for teaching environmental respect and responsibility, particularly for our nearby forest and river.

Leadership Team

Mrs Jessica Akehurst is the Head of Primary at Lighthouse. Bio

Mr Matthew Pearce is the Head of Secondary at Lighthouse. Bio

Matthew Nissley - Dean of Students, Secondary School

Yogesh Caulleechurn - Dean of Curriculum, Secondary School

Caroline Shiu Koon Sien - Coordinator of Curriculum, Primary School

Ashley Jhurree – Coordinator of Students, Primary School

Board of Directors

Lighthouse is governed by a group of directors who work on the strategic vision, infrastructure, fundraising and identification of talent to ensure integrity, relevance and viability. The directors contribute their time and skills on a voluntary basis.

The Board of Directors are:

Corinne Ah Yow Bio

Darnelle Pretorius Bio

Stephen Andrews Bio

Marc Dalais Bio

Susanna Dalais Bio

Former Staff, Students and Alumni

We’ve noticed Lighthouse people form a special bond with each other that endures even after they leave Mauritius. If you want to stay connect with the Lighthouse community in this way, please join our Facebook group to stay linked to old friends and keep up with school developments.

Partner Organisations

Lighthouse feeds off of innovation and great ideas shared by like-minded educators. That’s why we are proudly a part of the following organisations:

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