General information and process

Admissions meeting

If in Mauritius, a visit to the school is required by at least one but preferably both parents, or guardians, either prior to or after submitting the application form. The Head of School will personally meet with all applicants and their families.

A note to older students

Note that students entering Grade 7 and above will have additional requirements as part of their application process, including submission of current academic reports and sitting an entrance diagnostic exam.

How can we help you?

School hours for students vary according the class:
  • Reception students:
    Mon–Thur: 8:00–14:00
    Fri: 8:00–13:00
  • Primary students:
    Mon–Thur: 8:00–15:00
    Fri: 8:00–13:00
  • Secondary students:
    Mon–Fri: 8:00-15:00

Other important things to know


All snacks and meals are provided by the school; this is not optional. To understand our thinking on nutrition and learning, Click Here


Lighthouse facilitates the coordination of private school bus/van transport for its students, and parents then contract with and pay drivers directly.


All students at Lighthouse wear a school uniform except for those in Reception.

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